Data Driven Hybrid Capital For Emerging Markets

Our Ethos

We are SixPoint Capital, the first dedicated hybrid capital partner to FinTech Loan Originators in emerging and frontier markets around the world.

We pride ourselves on being

Strategic, Flexible, Catalytic, Global, Impactful and Long-Term.

Hybrid Capital

Hybrid capital is capital that has equity and debt characteristics that fit within our six core values. Our Hybrid Capital is unique because it’s specifically focused on providing financing for loan portfolio growth and not OPEX growth.

Our Process

We’re with you for the whole ride.

01  Assess your loan product, platform and people to determine scalability and sustainable unit economics.

02  Run data science simulations and stress testing to identify risks and provide risk-adjusted pricing and potential improvements to product and platform.

03  Work with platforms to set up permanent funding conduits modelled after globally-recognised securitizations and then seed those facilities.

04  Help platforms improve underwriting, collections, risk management as track record builds.

05  Partner with platforms by increasing our hybrid capital at the same time as sourcing larger and more traditional institutional securitization investors to reduce overall cost of funding while at the same time minimising equity dilution as loan portfolios scale.

We're Not Your
Average Capital Partner.

We like to work with early stage FinTech Loan Originators after MVP but we can also work with more mature platforms as they seek to scale.

Our capital can be your first institutional capital or capital to replace a portion of your 1st loss requirements and lower senior advanced rates in loan portfolio securitizations.

Our capital reduces a platform’s equity dilution and opens up opportunities to work with more conservative and lower-cost institutional senior funders.

We are experts in FinTech microlending throughout Emerging Markets.

We are experts in transaction structuring with experience in most Emerging Market jurisdictions worldwide.

We are fast and efficient at integrating with your platform.

We can close and fund transactions faster than most.

We’re hands on, staying involved post-closing and often participating in strategic initiatives with our portfolio companies.

We always structure our investments to have proper alignment of interests with founders and equity investors.

Powered by People,
Led by Data

We use a proprietary data analytics platform to help inform our underwriting and risk management. While having the technology in place to manage big data sets is mission-critical to us, SixPoint still believes in the traditional “5 Cs” of credit for evaluating credit risk. The technology is there to support the 5 Cs of credit, not to supplant it.









5 Days

That’s all the time we need to provide you with an Indicative Term Sheet. Try our Credit Facility Calculator to get some indicative pricing.

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