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Investment Mandate

We have two investment focuses both with the same objective: become a long term non-dilutive capital partner to EM FinTech loan originators and help them scale.

Focus 1



$5 –30 million lent to early stage and mid-size platforms that are looking to scale up their loan portfolios after pilot / MVP stage or to refinance out of family office / friends & family credit lines, local smaller private credit funds, P2P marketplaces.

Grow With Our Portfolio Companies

We want to pick winners at an early stage and grow with them so we provide them with the capital they need to get going and then transition into strictly the mezzanine tranche as they scale and grow.

Focus 2


$5 –30 million lent to established platforms looking for mezzanine capital that can improve their weighted average cost of capital and limit further equity dilution.

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